About Wild Bones

Hey there!

I’m Keira, the artist and creator behind Wild Bones Designs. 

At Wild Bones Designs I believe that the memory of the adventure is just as important as the adventure itself. I create custom prints so you can relive your favourite memories forever. Mother nature is my source of inspiration for all that I create.

Wild Bones is the product of my two worlds colliding, adventure and creativity. I believe the best days are spent outside climbing mountains, sitting by lakes and taking in the sunshine with the ones you love surrounding you.

My hope for you is that you get outside and create some new memories. Whatever it is that reminds you that you were born wild and created to live free. Get a little lost on some mountain hikes. Shred some new lines. Dip your toes in new waters. Along the way my hope is that I can help you relive those memories forever.

Thanks for following along!

Keira 🤙🏼☀️